How To Install App On Mobile

Meddit can be installed on your mobile device directly from your browser without needing to go through the app store via the following instructions.

On iOS using Safari:

Click the Bookmark button (marked in red below) at the bottom of your screen in Safari.

You may have to scroll up a bit to make the bottom toolbar appear.

Find Add To Home Screen and click it. You may have to scroll a bit to the right to find it.

Save the app to your home screen.

On Android, using Chrome  

On Android, use the Chrome app, and try clicking the button below.

Once you add the app, go back to your apps and you should see Meddit installed.

If that doesn't work you can follow the instructions below to manually add it to your Home Screen.

From Chrome, click the Menu Button indicated below via the red arrow

From there, click 'Add To Home Screen'

Going back to your home screen you should see Meddit installed