About Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight week program that uses a variety of mindfulness practices to reduce stress levels and experience of negative emotion, and to raise self-control, resilience and experience of positive emotion.

MBSR was created in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD as a way to treat patients at the University of Massacheutus Hospital who were recurring patients and for whom traditional treatments were seemingly ineffective.

Since that time MBSR has become the most scientifically validated mindfulness based intervention, with over 4000 mentions on online medical aggregator PubMed and is offered for treatment at over 700 hospitals, clinics and medical centers across the world.

Through employing the various mindfulness techniques offered in the course MBSR has been proven scientifically to help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, grief, headaches, and sleep problems.

About Meddit.App

Meddit offers a 100% free application for following the 8 week program of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. When you hit the ‘Start Now’ button you will be enrolled in the course and given instructions to follow daily for the next 56 days.

Using the app you can also track your happiness, anxiety, depression, self control and energy levels both before and after you meditate allowing you to validate for yourself the positive effects the practices of MBSR as administered through this application are having for you.

As the app creator I hope this completely free service can help you as it has helped myself and the other users on this platform. I wish you the best of look in your own journey and completion of the MBSR program. Enjoy!

Beginning The Program

If you want you can start MBSR without creating an account

However, creating an account allows you to reliably save your results

No email is required, just a username and password

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How To Install App On Mobile

Meddit can be installed on your mobile device directly from your browser without needing to go through the app store.

Here's how you do it:

On Android, using Chrome  

On Android, use the Chrome app, and try clicking the button below.

Once you add the app, go back to your apps and you should see Meddit installed.

If that doesn't work you can follow the instructions below to manually add it to your Home Screen.

From Chrome, click the Menu Button indicated below via the red arrow

From there, click 'Add To Home Screen'

Going back to your home screen you should see Meddit installed

On iOS using Safari:

Click the Bookmark button (marked in red below) at the bottom of your screen in Safari.

You may have to scroll up a bit to make the bottom toolbar appear.

Find Add To Home Screen and click it. You may have to scroll a bit to the right to find it.

Save the app to your home screen.